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After the explosive growth of Jeff Cohn's Omaha's Elite team, real estate leaders around the country asked "HOW??", so the Elite Team Leader Mastermind was born.

This dynamic mastermind brings you expert coaching every week from the trenches of team leadership.

Being a part of a growth-minded community means your fellow team leaders will lift you towards your goals in less time than you could have ever imagined. You'll only receive, and give, extreme value by being a part of The Elite. And there's no risk of being locked into a shady coaching contract, cancel anytime.

However, in order to keep our mastermind truly Elite, we are by invite only. The good news is, all you have to do is hop on a free 30 minute, 30 day strategy session. As long as you are doing consistent volume at any level, whether you have an established team, or are an aspiring team leader, you qualify. Simply hop on the phone with our director of coaching to go over your growth goals so we know how to best help you.

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The greatest athletes all have one thing in common, coaching from the very beginning. No one wins their game without a coach to push them forward.

Real estate and business are no different of an achievement game than sports.

So, are you ready for a coach to push you onto the fast track to success?

Do you want personalized weekly team leader coaching and accountability from an expert?

Is your vision board ready to become a reality over the next year?

The most successful people are coachable, and ready to be held accountable to reaching, and surpassing their goals. Is that you?

Schedule a call with our director of coaching (who leads his own successful team) so he can understand your unique situation and how to fast track your real estate team's growth so you can achieve your goals as fast as possible.

Who Is Elite Real Estate Systems?

We help real estate leaders to increase profit, build wealth, and create freedom.

Which, in today's tumultuous market, is what team leaders need more than ever.

Founded in 2012, we've since helped thousands of real estate agents and teams grow their income, and scale their businesses through our in-the-trenches expert coaching, tech offerings, and partnership opportunities.

6 Reasons Why Elite Team Leaders

Are More Successful Than Average


Extreme Ownership

Elite team leaders embrace accountability, taking full ownership of their successes and setbacks. Through our coaching, learn to navigate challenges with confidence, develop resilience, and foster a culture of responsibility within your team, propelling your business to new heights.


The Hero Of Their Own Story

Your people rely on you to lead, and that takes action. Our coaching empowers you to craft a compelling vision, set ambitious goals, and equip you with the tools to lead your team toward collective success, becoming the hero in your journey, and showing your agents what they can accomplish too.


Dedicated To Community

Elite team leaders understand the importance of community impact. With our guidance, discover innovative ways to connect deeply with your local community, providing value beyond transactions and fostering lasting relationships that strengthen both your business and the neighborhoods you serve.


Lifelong Learners

Continuous learning is the cornerstone of success. Our coaching immerses you in cutting-edge strategies, industry insights, and refined techniques. Stay ahead of market trends, embrace new technologies, and consistently evolve, ensuring you're always at the forefront of real estate excellence.


Hungry For Growth

Fuel your ambition and thirst for growth with our coaching. We help you unlock your untapped potential, push past limitations, and expand your business horizons. Empowered with strategies for scalability, watch your team and business thrive in new, unprecedented ways.


Expert Leaders

Cultivate expertise in leadership through our tailored coaching. Gain the necessary skills to inspire and guide your team effectively. Learn to navigate complexities, make strategic decisions, and create a high-performance environment where each team member excels, driving collective success.



Alyssa Herrmann | El Paso, TX

Mike Coleman | Wayne, PA


Frank Klesitz | Owner | Vyral Marketing

Jeff Cohn is brilliant. Not only how he runs his highly profitable real estate team, but with regard to how he LEARNED to run his real estate team. Jeff flew around the country on his own dime to shadow top performing teams for years. He learned right from the source – and then modeled their systems. But, most importantly, he modeled the behavior of the leader and the office culture he directly experienced. This is what you need to do, too


Pat Hiban | Host | Real Estate RockStars | Author | 6 Steps to 7 Figures

How do you run a team that allows you to net a million bucks and never have to talk to a buyer or seller yourself? Jeff Cohn and Omaha’s Elite do just that. Invest in yourself with this workshop – become stress free and financially free, just like Jeff.

Scott & Bryan Colemere | Sandy, UT

We started with ERS and BoomTown in January of 2017. In 2016 there were only 2 members of our team who did a sales volume of $16.7 million. After one year with ERS and BoomTown, our sales volume increased to $25.1 million, and over the course of 2017, we added 2 more agents to our team. 2018 is looking to be even better, we have added an additional 3 agents and a team lead. We are on track to triple our sales volume for 2018 thanks to ERS coaching and BoomTown CRM tools!

Logan Boyce | Montreal, QB

The biggest takeaway has been being led by somebody who's done something at such a high level. You're taking all this knowledge and all this power that you guys have created with Omaha's Elite and you're delivering that value to anybody who wants to join. it's it's an absolute no brainer. I went from doing last year... we capped out at around 7 million in gross volume for last year. This year to date we're pushing 11 now. So the results speak for itself. I mean the knowledge here is insane.


Brett Tanner | Founder | Brett Tanner Home Selling Team | Greater Phoenix, AZ

Jeff’s Team Building Workshop is a must attend for anyone with a team or looking to build a team. Jeff breaks down the exact steps that you need to take your business to the next level. He shows you the systems and processes and tools that he uses in his everyday business. This is the best investment you’ll ever make in your real estate business.


Paul Morris | Broker | Keller Williams

Jeff is singular in this space–no-one I have met has a better approach to real estate sales systems. His willingness to share demonstrates his big vision and abundant thinking. If you want to succeed in real estate, Jeff will show you the path, then its up to you to follow or not.

JP Fluellen | Cheyenne, WY

Haakim Byrd | Hudson, NY


Tim Heyl | Owner | Heyl Real Estate & Phone Animal

Our industry Is filled with plenty of thought leadership but with little “how to” specifics. Jeff Cohn’s workshop is one of the most system-packed seminars I’ve seen. Agents walk away with the actual tools they need to duplicate Jeff’s unique success. Not to mention Jeff himself is the real deal.


Josh Cunningham | Owner | Rokrbox

Jeff Cohn’s Team Building Workshop is the industry’s most intense, no BS, all-secrets-revealed learning experience. If you want to save an enormous amount of time, energy, and money make the investment in yourself and sign up today. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Joe Cirafici | Carol Stream, IL

Lucas Herrmann | El Paso, TX


Toby Salgado | Real Estate Investor & Entrepreneur | Host | Super Agents Live

Jeff’s Team Building Workshop was spot on! I’ve interviewed hundreds of top agents from across the country and his systems and processes are some of the best in the industry!


Joshua Smith | Host | GSDMode | Real Estate & Tech Entrepreneur

I attended Jeff Cohn’s Team Building Workshop in 2016 and the experience was mind-blowing! You get a chance to see the entire back end operations of one of the most successful Team Leaders on the planet as well as experiencing the energy and culture of his office which is INSANE! This is a must-attend for any team leader truly wanting to expand their Team!

Adam Stark | Salt Lake City, UT

"The coaching has been amazing! Our team has doubled in size and we have hired administrative staff. It is great to be part of a group of like-minded agents learning from each other each week. We have been able to implement a lot of the ideas shared on the weekly Livestreams. We also really enjoy the weekly one-on-one coaching and accountability calls that provide us with individual attention to our specific questions for building our team and business. This has been one of the best business decisions we have made!"

Robbie Breaux | Lafayette, LA

Wow!! Where do I start? In 2016 my team finished with 135 sides for $30M, and in just one short year we nearly doubled our numbers! With the help of ERS, we ended with 237 units for just over $57M in production. The weekly coaching calls have been fantastic for my team to plug-in to and set micro-goals making the vision that much easier to achieve. We’ve implemented their lead tracking systems to help in agent accountability, which was desperately needed. Their Livestream training calls have been wonderful for our agents as well. There’s no way my team would have hit these numbers without the help of ERS.

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